“CHIRAIYAA®” as you all know the word stands for a bird. Birds are to fly and touch the sky. Same concept we are following, we like to touch the sky and see things from the top so that we can fulfill the daily design need of everyone. Our designs are based on daily chitchat of people and stands for basic “fundas”.

We started in 2016 with selling printed conceptual 3d mobile covers in market. Slowly we got the taste of design that customer need now a days and started implementing it in a creative way and providing our customers the best quality. At present, we are dealing with more variety of 100% customized products with 100% customer’s satisfaction guarantee.

At “CHIRAIYAA®” store you will get a highly competitive price because all the printing machineries are in the house.

That’s all guys, hope you will all enjoy shopping with the “CHIRAIYAA®” store. Any feedbacks are welcome at support@chiraiyaa.com